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Complete Remodeling
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Complete Remodeling

When you are ready to remodel your home, whether you are updating the kitchens and bathrooms or if you need a complete home renovation, the experts at A&L Construction have you covered. Remodeling can give you what feels like a brand-new home that works for you and your family—and for a fraction of the cost of a complete new build.

What You Should Know About Complete Remodeling

Any remodeling project starts with design and planning. Whether you’ve got a sketch in a notebook, full-on architectural plans, or just some solid ideas on what you’d like for the remodel, we can help bring your vision to life. Planning is crucial, however, if you want to avoid mistakes while in the throes of the project. It’s also important that you establish a budget ahead of time.

Most remodels will involve at least some demolition. Our project planning will include a large container parked at the site for waste. Our team will exercise caution when demolishing any surfaces that are suspected to contain lead.

Large projects, such as roof replacement or repair, foundation fixes, and windows, will be handled first because future projects will be impacted by these. It’s crucial to protect future renovation work by making certain the building structure is solid.

Carpentry work supports other types of work, including drywall and moving and building walls, windows, and doors. This also includes adding framing for additional windows or doors, or making the existing windows or doors larger.

When walls are open, HVAC, electrical, and plumbing projects will be repaired or installed. New electrical and plumbing systems may be necessary; inspections will be conducted at this time as well.

Insulation is a crucial part of construction projects in Aspen and the Roaring Fork Valley, given the extreme cold temperatures of winter. Insulation should be layered in the walls and ceiling, before the drywall goes up.

The drywalling process will include hanging sheets of drywall, applying drywall compound, and letting the compound dry. After drying, the surface is sanded until it is smooth and seamless. Before the walls are closed up, a second plumbing and electrical inspection might be needed.

Our fine carpenters will give your home a custom touch with build-ins, baseboards, molding, and trim.

We recommend that flooring be installed as late as possible in the renovation process to help protect from damage during the construction process. Your final floor covering, whether it’s laminate, solid hardwood, engineered hardwood, or tile, will be beautiful and functional.

When the interior is done, we’ll move to the outdoors and put finishing touches on the siding as well as windows and doors.

When you hire our team for your home remodeling project, you will get assistance every step of the way. Just select your materials, let us handle the construction zone, and our team will create a brand new home that you’ll love.


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