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Home Repair

There is a lot of satisfaction in homeownership—It’s often considered the American dream—but when things start breaking down, getting repairs taken care of is the downside. But if you own a home, you can count on needing to have repairs done.

Unless you are the most experienced DIYer, you are probably better off calling the professionals for some of the more major repairs. At A&L Construction, we are here for homeowners in Aurora and Denver to ensure that your home repairs are done right.


Common Home Repairs

Here’s a list of some of the common home repairs you can count on A&L Construction for:

  • Foundation repairs. Foundations damage is serious, so it’s best to let the pros handle this—or your entire foundation and structure could be at risk. If your foundation is compromised, you might notice thinks like cracks in the floor and walls, pooling water in the basement, and sloping floors.
  • Roof repairs. The roof is just as important as the foundation—if not more so since it protects your home from the elements. Depending on the type of roof you have, it can be susceptible to damage from the elements. When your roof is damaged or leaking, this is one repair that cannot wait. Roof repairs can range from minor—replacing lost shingles or repairing minor leaks, to expensive—replacing the entire roof. The best way to avoid having to make expensive repairs to your roof is to be diligent about maintenance.
  • Mold damage repair and mitigation. You wouldn’t think mold would be an issue in our semi-arid climate, but it still occurs. Mold usually starts off as a small problem, but it can grow quickly if you don’t deal with it. It’s usually caused by moisture from leaks. It is unsightly, but even more important, it is a health hazard for your family—especially for those who have allergies. Inspect regularly for mold in damp areas of your home and basement.
  • Floor repair. Your floor can naturally become worn from wear and tear or damaged if you drop something heavy on it. Hardwoods can be scratched by kids and pets. If you have cracks in your flooring or if there are loose tiles, this is a good indicator that your home needs some repair work done. Minor repairs are inexpensive, but if you have to replace large areas of flooring in your home, this will run you more money. The pros recommend upgrading to as high a quality of flooring as you can; it will save you money in the long run.

Call the Professionals at A&L Construction

Doing it yourself when it comes to home repairs can save you money, but at some point, you’ll need to hire a contractor to handle major repairs. When you don’t have the time, inclination, or skill to make a particular repair, hire someone to do the job right. Give us a call today!